Dear Fellow Americans: Let’s Not Regress

Statue of LibertyIt’s been some time since my last post and I would like to explain the delay.  I have so much to share, but in all honesty, I have been unable to focus on writing reviews and recipes when the combative climate of our nation continues to heighten.  I envy those who can tune out what’s happening in our country and around the world.  But, I cannot and I choose not to either.  One of the occupational hazards of being a teacher is that you can truly never stop caring.  The reason for this is because as a teacher you quickly realize that the youth of any nation is what is always at the most risk, especially during monumental and contentious times.  Which brings me to the true subject of this post: Let’s not regress as a nation, for the sake of our youth.

It is normal and expected for people to have differing views on what’s best for the country.  That’s the beauty of democracy!  Unfortunately, there is something extremely abnormal and unexpected about how some people are expressing their views during this election season.  It’s easier to hate what we don’t know or understand.  But, let’s not take the easy road of rage.  Let’s make the effort to continue to understand each other in a humane and kind way.  Let’s continue to evolve, mature and advance together.  There is a reason that we are deemed as one of the most powerful and revered nations: The United States of America is a land of hope, equality and opportunity for all.

I will continue to work towards making sure that regardless of the results this Tuesday, our nation does not normalize conventions of racism, segregation and xenophobia.  We are better and stronger than that.  Let’s stay mindful that we are being watched by children, not just in our homeland, but all across the world.  Let’s stay mindful that we need to lead by example.  The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.  What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind for them?  In the end, before you speak negatively or act on an impulse of fear or hate, remember that “children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.”


⇒Disclaimer: The following post was not sponsored by any political party, but written in the hopes that decency and kindness will prevail regardless of who is elected.  Happy reading and don’t forget to vote! 

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