Bushy Brows Are Back

Oh how I wish I could tell my younger self to stop over-grooming my naturally bushy brows.  But thanks to the products below, my brows can easily and affordably go back in time.  Here’s what I use to keep my brow game strong!  And, don’t forget to read the 5 Helpful Brow Tips at the end!

Brow Products mrsGuru

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara, US $7.99

  • Easy-to-use Ball Brush
  • Sculpts & Tints Brows
  • Natural Finish & Long-lasting
  • Multiple Shades Available (My Shade, Deep Brown)


L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper, US $8.99

  • Easy-to-use Mini-Brush
  • Tints, Plumps & Sets Brows
  • Natural Finish & Long-lasting
  • Multiple Shades Available (My Shade, Medium to Dark 380)

CG Brow & Eye Makers

Covergirl Brow & Eye Makers, US $4.49

  • Has 2 Pencils Per Pack
  • Sharpener Included (Brush not included)
  • Multiple Shades Available (My Shade, Midnight Black 500)
Before After Brows mrsGuru
Same day Before & After, Products used: L’Oreal Brow Plumper & Covergirl Brow Maker + full face makeup















5 Helpful Brow Tips:

  1. Always wash your face before tweezing.  Clean pores lessen the pain and prevent breakouts.
  2. Don’t use a magnifying mirror when tweezing.  This leads to excessive plucking!
  3. Fill in the empty spaces of your brows before you tweeze.  This helps maintain and correct the shape of your brows.  Use soft, short and upwards strokes to fill in.
  4. Always use slanted tweezers for the best results and only tweeze underneath your brows, unless you’re very experienced.
  5. Use your product of choice to tint and set your brows.  I use the Covergirl Brow & Eye Makers to fill in my brows and then I set them with either the Maybelline Brow Mascara or L’Oreal’s Brow Plumper.


⇒Disclaimer: All product reviews are based on my personal experiences and opinions. I only showcase products that I would personally use or recommend, unless otherwise stated. Please remember what may work for me might not be your solution. The following post was not sponsored. Happy reading!

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