Cosmetic Organizers

It’s hard to not become a makeup hoarder as you roam the shimmery and colorful aisles of any cosmetics store.  We’ve all had the occasional lapse of makeup amnesia (makeup amnesia = when you forget what you have at home and buy more stuff).  This condition can be worsened by keeping all your products in a stuffy drawer or crowded makeup bag.  If this sounds like you, keep reading!

I’d like to share some of the cosmetic organizers I use to help me keep track of what I have.  Most of these are stackable collections that can be used separately or together depending on how much storage you need.  You can also set these on the counter, under the sink or on a closet shelf.  I always prefer clear organizers so everything is easier to access.  Let’s get started!  You can click on the pictures for product details.


↓P.S. I keep all my pieces on a shelf in the bathroom closet.  It saves counter space!



⇒Disclaimer: All product reviews are based on my personal experiences and opinions. I only showcase products that I would personally use or recommend, unless otherwise stated. Please remember what may work for me might not be your solution. The following post was not sponsored. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Organizers

  1. I bought the organizers yesterday.
    Organized all my cosmetics. Thx mrsGuru.
    You made my makeup life comfortable. I don’t need to spend hrs finding the lipstick I’m looking for!


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