5 Dating Do’s & Don’ts

With time and bad experiences, dating can begin to feel more like “The Shining” and less like “Sleepless in Seattle.”  Don’t give up.  The timing may not be right, but that doesn’t mean it never will be.  Love can surprise you at any moment, but until then, stay strong and remember these do’s and don’ts.


Do Have Expectations
I’ll have a good time and meet someone interesting.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations
I’ll fall in love tonight and we’ll be married soon.


Do Have Confidence
I’ll be myself and things will go well.

Don’t Have Insecurities
I’ll be myself but if that doesn’t work, I’ll be anyone else until they like me.


Do Acknowledge the Situation
I am disappointed that it didn’t work out, but I can’t control how others feel or act.

Don’t Overanalyze the Situation
I am going to pick myself apart and dissect everything carefully until I figure out what went wrong.


Do Take Some Time for Yourself
I’ll focus on other aspects of my life until I’m ready to date again.

Don’t Take Off Completely
I’ll focus on other aspects of my life and never date again.


Do Make Yourself Available
I’ll explore online options, new activities and let my friends know I’m interested in meeting someone.

Don’t Make Yourself Miserable
I’ll devote all my time and energy in finding my soulmate while ignoring all the other joys that life has to offer.

I’d love hear about your experiences!



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