5 Tips To Boost A Child’s Intelligence

Dear Parents:

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on expensive toys or exclusive schools in hopes to raise your child’s intelligence.  And instead of stressing about what college your child will attend, start focusing on the now.  The “now” is what will shape your child’s bright future.  Here are some tips to help you continue the amazing job you’re already doing!

Tip #1: Talk, Talk, Talk to Your Child

Did I mention talk to your child?  The key to this tip is talking to them, not at them.  Be interactive.  Ask questions.  Listen carefully.  A child knows when a parent is truly interested or simply faking a conversation while they check their email.  Take some time every day to engage in meaningful conversations.  This will strengthen your bond and your child’s intelligence, not to mention, the positive impact it will have on your child’s language development.

Tip #2: Let Em’ Get Dirty

One of the worst things I experienced as a teacher was when recess on some campuses was shortened or replaced with “structured play.”  (Bonus Tip: A school’s playground is just as important as their library.)  Remember the kid who grew up playing with a stick and rocks?  Well, he’s the same well-rounded adult who doesn’t flip out when his wi-fi disconnects.  Turn off the gadgets.  Go play outside, together.

Tip #3: Creativity is Nourishment for the Brain

Children enjoy creating freely.  Coloring outside the lines and making structures out of paper are all signs of a healthy mind.  So before you add electronics to your child’s toy chest, make sure to include the following in their cubby: paper, crayons, color pencils, markers, paint, glue, play-doh and anything else that makes your walls and carpet nervous.

Tip #4:  Feed their Brain with Experiences

You don’t have to be a Kardashian to experience life’s greatest adventures.  Simple things like grocery shopping, nature walks, building a bird house, baking cookies, or swimming together at your local Y are all examples of experiences that can positively shape a child’s intellectual development.  Rich experiences are usually low in cost.  Be creative (Tip #3).

Tip #5:  Encourage the Work, Not the Success

Yes, you read it correctly.  Everything meaningful is not always successful.  It’s the journey and not the destination that builds character and intelligence.  Focusing solely on a child’s GPA or school status (GT, Honors, etc.) is unhealthy for you and your child.  Give importance to their hard work and the success will surely follow.


⇒Disclaimer:  These tips are based on my education, research and experiences as a teacher.  What I hold as being true, may not be your belief.  I simply hope to help in some small way.  Happy reading!




8 thoughts on “5 Tips To Boost A Child’s Intelligence

  1. Great Tips
    I’m a teacher .
    I will share with all my students & parents. They always want to know useful tips.
    Very helpful! Thanks Mrs Guru!


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