5 Easy Tips To Avoid Teacher Burnout

Congratulations teachers!  You have survived the beginning of the school year!  Here are 5 easy tips to help you stay strong the rest of the year.  By the way, you rock.

Tip #1: Take Care of Yourself 

Your mental and physical health should always come first.  If you don’t feel your best, the school day, not to mention the school year, will be painfully long and stressful.  You come first.  Take a day off.

Tip #2: Encourage Fun & Laughter

Your students and colleagues will appreciate laughter and humor, especially on tougher days.  For example, our class ended everyday with a “DSJ” session (Dance!Sing!Joke!).  A few students everyday volunteered to showcase their talent in one of those categories.  Not only did our days end on a happier note, but I learned some killer moves in the process!

Tip #3: Avoid Drama

Don’t ever chase drama at work and never be the cause of it either.  Be encouraging.  Be supportive.

Tip #4: Speak Up

The policies and procedures on most campuses change with the weather.  You finally get the hang of something, and then it changes completely.  Speak up, respectfully.  Seek answers and be part of the solution.  One voice can make all the difference.  Isn’t that what we teach our students?

Tip #5: Have a Life 

It’s easy to let school life take over personal life.  Avoid this at all costs if you see yourself teaching for years down the road.  Teaching is one of the most selfless jobs in the world.  But as I learned in my career, becoming truly selfless starts with being a bit selfish.

Happy Teaching,




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