Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, MirrorBefore we dive into the plethora of beauty products and trends, let’s talk about something that merits a bit more attention.  Inner beauty.  Wait, don’t leave!  I know what you might be thinking.  Can I get some nachos with this cheese?!  Yes, grab a bowl if that will help.  Now let’s dig in.

As I searched for deeper definitions of what constitutes our internal hotness, three words appeared again and again: Honesty, Kindness and Originality.  So in addition to new fall boots, let’s pursue these as well.

1. Honesty
Be honest and do the right thing (it’s not just a cult classic, but also a great motto to live by).  Honesty is a work in progress for us all.  Anyone who tells you differently is not being honest.  Now, if your ailing grandmother asks for a promise that you’ll have kids soon, this may not be the best time to give her your honest opinion on why womanhood is not defined by motherhood.  Pass on complete honesty at this time and comfort her instead.  But for most other situations, be honest, be brave!  You’ve heard of speaking the truth even if your voice shakes and not just when it’s convenient.

2. Kindness
Be kind to yourself and others.  But, it starts with yourself.  The more forgiving you are to your faults, the easier it will be to forgive others.  However, if you knowingly and continuously act cruel, forgiving yourself without remedying your behavior may not be the kind thing to do.  As Maya Angelou so eloquently reminded us, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Be kind, especially with your words.  They cut the deepest.

3. Originality
Be yourself.  Don’t compare yourself to others and resist from chasing society’s latest standard of what beauty should look like.  Like it or not, you’re stuck with YOU forever so make it worthwhile.  No one else will suffer more than you if you don’t accept yourself as you are, flaws and all.  Remember, flaws are the new beauty moles!  And I can definitely live with this new standard.

Let me know below what makes you beautiful!



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